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  • What does islam say about the applying of henna by man?

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  • Celebrating Mehndi rat or mehndi rasam or henna ceremony ?

  • Is Using alcohol as a medicine allowed?

  • Is it permissible for a muslim Woman get her Medical Treatment from non-mehrim Men?

  • Can I have test tube baby?

  • what is Ihram and what are the Prerequisites for Hajj?

  • Can a muslim visit non-Muslims worship house?

  • Is it allowed to respond to someone while reliving in resting room or while urinating?

  • what is the ruling about Smiling or laughing during the salah?

  • Is it ok to take the money of my father with out his permission, I mean secretly?

  • Is Reciting Quran in sajda allowed?

  • Is a women allowed to slaughter the animal herself on eid?

  • Can I clip my nails in night?

  • Can a believer enter into kaba?

  • Is it necessary to Invoke Allah's Blessings Upon the Prophet(pbuh) when Writing his Name?

  • Is it permissible to drink water in standing position?

  • Is it right to burn izfand to remove evil eye effect?

  • Is Sucking the lips of wife permissible?

  • Can I see the penetration of my private organ while having sex with my wife?

  • Is it permissible to Delay performance of HAJJ?

  • What are the Prerequisites for Hajj?

  • Racism in kashmir?

  • How to respond the Azhan?

  • Prophet Mohammad's(saw) Last Sermon?

  • Why are there two azahans on the day of jummah?

  • Is it compulsory to make a second queue after first queue towards right direction of an Imaam?

  • Should we pray only eid prayer on Friday?

  • what is the timing of EID prayers?

  • Making up the missed sunnah of zuhr

  • A/A dear brother when we have a miscarried fetus/ Aborted Child, have we to offer Funeral Prayer for it? jazakala

  • As it is not allowed to pray alone After First Queue behind an when first queue is complete and someone comes late ,what should he do there any special method to take any person from first queue?

  • What is Zakat ul-fitr? What is its purpose, who must pay, when to give, whome to give?

  • What is the difference between Usher and Zakaat and what r the conditions under which these two become compulsory upon a man or woman?

  • hello sir, first thanks for your kind service towards us, I’m a restaurant owner & I want to know can I keep my restaurant open while ramdan, as many imams of the locality had told me to keep it close, I want your suggestion, & also I want to know your name?

  • A/A I am from Indian occupied Kashmir, can I serve food to any ill person in my family while I’m fasting, as I have heard that it is prohibited for a person who is fasting to serve food to any one who is not fasting, if it is true then how can I serve my old father who is unable to fast due to illness, jazakalla?

  • Can one give zakat to his close relatives like married sister, a married brother who lives separate?

  • If imaam is in Fajar prayer and someone comes late, can he first offer sunnat two rakaat first and then join the Imaam?

  • We forget the little bit of knowledge of Islaam we possess as we don't find its practiccal application in current society, your suggestion, solution and guidance in this regard?

  • Should we vote in elections or not as we belong to an enslaved nation where the brutality of Forces have crossed the limits?

  • A/A brother, first I want to thank you for your effort & may Allah reward you with the best , I had recently married, & I want to know can I play with & masturbate my husband’s private organ?

  • Assalamu Alaikum:Is it genuine to use loud speakers especially early morning before Fajar prayer for reciting Dai Suboh(in which there are praises of Allah)?

  • As Kashmir is a valley of saints so here people celebrate their days with great religious it allowed in Islam?

  • Can a jin ocupy a human body, is there anything like ’saya of jin’?

  • What happen during MEHRAJ & do we have to offer any special prayer on the its night?

  • Is it necessary for a women to cover her hair or is it more necessary for her to cover her body.

  • Assalam Alaikum: extremely sorry sir, i apologise for my wrong question. Actually my question was regarding one's doings having a negative effect on one's memory...

  • There r certain chapters( Suras like surah Teen) in Holy Quran for which we have to answer. If we are r behind an Imaam (or alone) and he recites such Surah then in this case, is it necessary to answer such sura by Muqtadees or by Imaam himself...

  • In Kashmir, some people use the smoke{yizman} (produced from seeds of a plant on certain occassions ,is it allowed?

  • As it is not allowed to pass infront of a man in prayer, is there any area mentioned in Hadith beyond which we shouldn't pass...?

  • Dress code of a women and man?

  • In Islam Can a believing women have the business of beautician?

  • Can we pray witar Wajib after Tehjud prayer?

  • Is it allowed for imam to lengthen his ruko to allow others to join salah?


  • Is it permitted in Islam, if we donate blood to a non-Muslim friend?

  • If someone gives a gift to a man in authority, inorder to get favour over others, can it be considered as a bribe, fast reply will be appreciated, jazakala

  • Does islam allow a woman to join politics?

  • What does islam say, if someone breaks into someones facebook account, or any other account, to view his secret messages?

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