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Asalam-u-alykum, I want to know that while we go collages & university the toilets there are standing toilets, which is prohibited in Islam to urinate in standing position, what the Quran & Hadith has to say for that, & also what are the places where we should not urinate. Jazakala.


Our beloved prophet Mohammad (pbuh) always urinate in the sitting position, but on some occasions he urinated in the standing position, as reported

Hudhaifah relates that the Messenger of Allah (saws), went to a public garbage dump and urinated while standing. Hudhaifah went away, and the Prophet (saws) then called him over. The Prophet made ablution, and wiped over his shoes. This is related by Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, and Tirmidhi.

Under usual circumstances, it is the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah to urinate almost always in a sitting position; but if some one on some occasion feels that his clothes may get impure while urinating in sitting position then there is no harm if he urinate while standing position & he should guarantee that no impurities will touch his clothes while urinating standing.

Thus, it is desirable to always urinate in a sitting position; but if one fears impurity at a college toilet, etc. there is no harm if one urinates standing

1. One should avoid shaded places and those places where people walk and gather:

2. One should not urinate in bathing places or in still water:

Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah (_), said, "Beware of those acts which cause others to curse." They asked, "What are those acts?" He said, "Relieving yourself in the people's walkways or in their shade." SAHIH MUSLIM: [vol. 1, no. 516] and SUNAN ABU DAWUD:[ vol. 1, no. 25] And Allah knows the best.