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As it is not allowed to pray alone After First Queue behind an when first queue is complete and someone comes late ,what should he do there any special method to take any person from first queue?


If someone comes to the row and does not find sufficient space or a gap to stand in the row, then, according to some, he should stand by himself and it is disliked that he should pull anyone back from the row (because it may disturb any believer in the prayer). Others say that he should pull one, who is aware of the ruling, back from the row after they have performed the opening takbir, and it is preferred for the one who is pulled to join him. thus there is a difference of thought in this matter among the scholars, and According to the majority, If a person prays behind the rows by himself, his salah will be valid but disliked.

You can pull believers in the center of row to join you. And Allah alone knows the best.