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Is Mani or semen impure (najis)?

Sir I heard from a friend that mani is not impure, I got surprised , if the mani is on the garments we need not to wash it, & we can pray in that garment, I want your openion on it, & plz quote the references also, thank you?


There is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars regarding the ‘mani’ or semen being ‘najis’ and impure; although some scholars consider semen as impure as urine, the majority of the scholars are of the opinion that semen is not impure like urine, and one needs to wash the clothes only if and when the semen is wet; but if the semen has completely dried, one need not wash the clothes, the scraping of the dried semen from the clothes would suffice and one could make themselves available for prayers in those garments.

Narrated by Aisha Abdullah ibn Shihab al-Khawlani reported: ‘I stayed in the house of Aisha (r.a.) and had a wet dream (and perceived its effect on my garment), so (in the morning) I dipped both (the clothes) in water. This (act of mine) was watched by a maid-servant of Aisha (r.a.) and she informed her. She (Aisha (r.a.)) sent me a message: ‘What prompted you to act like this with your clothes?’ He (the narrator) said: ‘I told that I saw in a dream what a sleeper sees.’ She said: ‘Did you find (wet fluid) on your clothes?’ I said: ‘No’. She said: ‘Had you found anything you should have washed it. In case I found that (semen) on the garment of the Messenger of Allah (saws) dried up, I scraped it off with my nails.’ SAHIH MUSLIM [Book 2 : Hadith 572]

Said Aishah (r.a.), "I used to scratch the semen off the Messenger of Allah's (saws) clothes if it was dry, and wash it off if it was still wet." Related by ad-Daraqutni, Abu 'Awanah and al-Bazzar.

Narrated by Aisha When I saw (dried) semen on the garment of the Messenger of Allah (saws), I simply scraped it off, and he (saws) offered prayer while wearing those garments. Sahih Muslim [Hadith 566]

Al-Aawad and Hammam reported A'isha as saying: I used to scrape off the (drop of) semen from the garment of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him). SAHIH MUSLIM [book 2: hadith 567]

Thus from the above guidance of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), it is clear that a garment does not become impure, if one finds dried semen on it. if for any reason one does not wish to wash it, the mere scraping off of the dried semen from the garment would be sufficient; and it would be permissible for one to offer their prayers in those garments. How ever if the semen is wet on the clothes then one need to wash that semen from the clothes in order to make those clothes clean. And Allah alone knows the best.