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Is it allowed in Islam to keep little children in queues(lines) in prayer along with young and old ones?


Fiqh-us-Sunnah [1:116 ] Abdullah ibn Ghanam related that Abu Musa al-Ash'ari (r.a.) gathered together the people of his tribe saying, " O Tribe of Ash'ari, gather together, and gather your women and children to teach them how the Messenger of Allah (saws) prayed with us in Madinah." They all gathered to watch him perform ablution. After it, he waited until the sun had just passed the meridian and there was some shade, and then he made the adhan. He put the men in the row closest to him, the children in a row behind the men, and the women in a row behind the children.

Thus from the above guidance of prophet Mohammad(pbuh), the men formed the rows immediately behind the imam leading the prayer; then the rows of children (below the age of puberty) were formed after the rows of men; and then the rows of women after the children.

The prayer in congregation is not obligatory for children until they reach the age of puberty, it would be prudent for parents to encourage their children to attend the congregational prayers along with them, so that this blissful habit may be formed in their children from an early age. If there is an arrangement for the separate row of children’s then it would be preferable for the parents to convince their children’s (with love) to join the children row, so that elder believers may not get disturbed while praying.

However, if there is no separate row for children’s, then there is no harm if the parents keep their children’s along with them in the adult row. And Allah alone knows the best.