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Should we recite the iftaar Dua before eating or after eating something?


The dua that the prophet mohammad(pbuh) recited at the iftar time are:

The dua he(pbuh) recited before breaking fast:

Narrated by Mu'adh ibn Zuhrah The Prophet of Allah (saws) used to say when he (saws) broke his fast: 'O Allah, for Thee I have fasted, in Thee I have believed, and with Thy provision I have broken my fast.' (Allah humma inni laka sumto, wa bika amanto, wa ala rizkika aftarto.) ABU-DAWUD[hadith 2351 ]

and the dua after breaking fast:

Narrated by Abdullah ibn Umar When the Messenger of Allah (saws) had broken his fast he (saws) would say: 'The thirst has gone, the glands are moist, and the reward is confirmed, if Allah Wills.' (Zahaba zamau, wab tallatil urooqo, wa thabatal ajro Insha Allah.) ABU-DAWUD[Hadith 2350 ]