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Recitation of whole Holy Quran for the dead

When someone dies in Kashmir, after death there is the recitation of whole Holy Quran for the dead one, is it permissible in islam?


Abu Hurayrah reported that the Prophet (saws) said: 'When a person dies all his good deeds cease except for three:

1. Sadaqa Jaariya. (continuous acts of charity. ie. a person who did or spent something in the way of Allah and people are still benefiting from it. Things like mosques, orphanages, wells, planting of trees and the like, which outlive the person who died and benefiting the ummah.)

2. Ilm un Naafe'ah.(beneficial knowledge. ie. a person who spread knowledge of Islam and people are still benefiting from it after his death. Things like lectures, writing books, good advice he gave to people, or any other knowledge of Islam that the person helped in spreading the word of Allah.)

3. Ibn us Saleh. (righteous children who regularly pray to Allah to forgive their father/mother who have died.)

Thus these things listed below add to the account of the dead person:

Continuous charity (sudkay jaryia)

Beneficial knowledge

Righteous off-spring who make supplications for them.

Other than the above three sources, absolutely nothing can be added or transferred to the account of the deceased after their death.regarding the recitation of the holy quran for sawab to the dead person is not from the sunnha, so is clearly an innovation/bida as it is clear from the above guidance of our beloved prophet mohammad(pbuh). And Allah knows the best.