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Assalamu Alaikum dear sir: is fasting valid if someone still eats after the end of Sehri time?


The time for the pre-dawn meal is between the middle of the night and dawn. It is considered best to delay it (that is, as close to dawn a possible), I.e. a believer can take the pre-dawn meals up to the adan for fajar prayer, so when the adan starts stop eating , If a person still eats after the sehri time is over ie when the adan for the fajar prayer is given then there is no doubt that his fast is invalid, & he has to make up this day later.

If someone has food in his mouth when fajr is beginning, he should spit it out. If he is having intercourse (with his wife) at that time, he should immediately stop. If he does so, his fast will still be valid. If he continues in these actions at that time, he will have broken his fast. Al-Bukhari and Muslim record from Aishah that the Prophet said: "Bilal makes the call to prayer while it is still night; therefore, eat and drink until Ibn Umm Maktum makes the call to prayer."