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On Eid-ul-Adha, who can sacrifice animal ?


Allah Says in the Holy Quran:

It is not their (the sacrificial animal's) meat nor their blood that reaches Allah: it is your piety that reaches Him: He has thus made them subject to you that ye may glorify Allah for His guidance to you: and proclaim the good news to all who do right. Quran[22(Surah Hajj):37]

The sacrifice on the Eid ul Adha is obligatory on all the hajj pilgrims as it is considered an integral part of Hajj, i.e. every pilgrim must at least sacrifice one animal.

The offering of a sacrifice during the Day of Adha is a preferred Sunnah and thus voluntary For all the other believers who are not actually on the Hajj pilgrimage,. If one who is not performing the Hajj offers a sacrifice on the Day of Adha, one would be eligible to receive a huge reward from Allah; and if one for any reason is unable to offer it, there is no sin upon them.