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If imaam has to go for sajda sahu and some late comer joined only the Tash-hud, and when imaam slams on right side, should the late comer also slams with imaam?


Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "The Imam is to be followed. Say the Takbir when he says it; bow if he bows; if he says 'Sami a-l-lahu Liman hamida', say, ' Rabbana wa-laka-l-hamd', prostrate if he prostrates and pray sitting altogether if he prays sitting." sahih al-bukhari(Volume 1, Book 12, Number 701:)

Thus if one joins the congregational prayer in its middle, and the ‘imaam’ leading the prayer makes a mistake, and at the end of the prayer the ‘imaam’ performs the ‘sajdah-sahu’ (prostration of forgetfulness), the believer who joined the prayer (even if in the middle) must follow the ‘imaam’ and do the ‘sajdah-sahu’ with the congregation. The procedure is that when the imam recite the ‘tasleems’ on right side the believer who joined the salah late should not recite ‘tasleems’ as he has to complete his missed rakahs, then if the imam performs ‘sajdah-sahu’ in this case he should follow the imam & perform ‘sajdah-sahu’. After the ‘imaam’ has recited the ‘tasleems’ to signal the end of prayer, one must then stand up and complete the rakahs which one has missed in congregation.