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Should we vote in elections or not as we belong to an enslaved nation where the brutality of Forces have crossed the limits?


If you are living in a Muslim country then you must vote to the party or person whose mandate is to establish ‘sharia’ and should not vote to the person whose mandate is secular and against the ‘sharia’.

But if you are living in a non-Muslim country then you may vote to a person (be he Muslim or non-Muslim) whose mandate is closest to Islam.

Regarding your question, if you find any party that can make your condition better & will fight for your rights, and for your liberation, then you can vote for that party, but if there is no such party and all had joined hands to suppress you then you should not vote, and all The believers should get united and should use all their resources to make their collective voice louder & heard for their rights, liberation and upliftment of Muslim community. And Allah alone knows the best.