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Is it allowed for imam to lengthen his ruko to allow others to join salah

When someone comes late for a prayer and if an Imaam is in Rukoo and at the same time when imaam listens the sound of a late comer, he lenghthens his rukoo so that the late comer can join the rukoo,is it allowed in Islam?


FIQ-US_SUNNAH Volume 2, Page 52: It is permitted for the imam to prolong the first rak'ah while waiting for others to join the congregation. In the same way, it is preferred for him to wait for people who are coming during the bowings and during the final sitting.

Abu Qatadah reports that the Prophet sallallahu alehi wasallam would prolong the first rak'ah and the people suspected that he did it to allow the late-comers to join the first rak'ah. Abu Sa'id says: "If the (congregational) salah was begun, one could go to al-Baqi', relieve himself, make wudu', and return and find the Prophet still in the first rak'ah for he would prolong it (first rak'ah)." This is related by Ahmad, Muslim, Ibn Majah, and an-Nasa'i.

Abu Sa'id al-Khudri reported: The noon prayer would start and one would go to al-Baqi' and after having relieved himself he would perform ablution and then come, while the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) would be in the first rak'ah, because he would prolong it so much. SAHIH MUSLIM[ Book 4 : Hadith 916]

Thus from the above guidance of our beloved prophet Mohammad (pbuh) it is allowed for the imam to lengthen his first rakha or lengthen his ruko or final sitting to allow others to join the salah. And Allah alone knows the best.